As continuation to the Pilot Project “Catch Up Classes for Internally Displaced person and Host Communities in the South West Region” funded by Street Child, NADEV sought to reach more children by improving their foundational skills through the project, “We go Sabi: Learning through TaRL in South West Cameroon funded by TaRL Africa and with technical support from Street Child. 960 children both in the formal and informal setting are supported within a period of 12 months divided in 3 Cohorts.

Cohort 1 out of school children (5months)

Cohort 2 in school (2months)

Cohort 3 out of school. (5months)

For the Formal Settings, 320 children in 3 formal schools are taught according to the Teaching at the Right Level TaRL approach. The setting is piloted for children enrolled in these schools who are facing challenges catching up due to a lack of foundational knowledge after having missed out on several years of schooling.

For the Non-Formal Settings, 640 children are taught according to the TaRL approach in 4 temporary learning spaces which will be set up to provide learning for out of school children. Communities for implementation for out of school cohort 1 include temporary learning spaces such as

  • Mutengene
  • Mile 16 Bolifamba
  • Ekona
  • Tole

03 selected schools for implementation of Cohort 2 are;

  • Government school Great Soppo group 1
  • St Mark catholic school Sandpit
  • Government school Mutengene group 1

14 teachers have been trained according to the TaRL Methodoloy to facilitate the teaching process.