The Nkong Women Entrepreneurship Project (NWEP) has, within the last 22 years, demonstrated its prowess at reducing poverty among low income women and building the economic resilience of their families.  By training women on basic business management skills (such as good record keeping, savings, customer relation, marketing, risk management) and organising follow-up trips to assist them stay in business, the initiative has made many women become financially viable.

After creating remarkable impacts in the South West Region of Cameron NADEV in its 2019 Operational Plan, extended the small business component to Moungo Division in the Littoral Region of Cameroon, and trained over 100 women in Souza and Kake villages, in three sessions.

Again, some of the women that were trained early 2019 have started making enormous sum in their businesses. “I no longer sell only in the local market. I now sell in Douala where the price is higher for the same quantity of my product.  I realized 65000 FRS as sales last week. I never saw myself making this kind of money. I feel stronger now because I don’t have to depend on my husband for everything” says Tondi Slyvie a 34 years old lady in Kake village.