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Education in emergency & protection

Education in emergency & protection

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Education for children in emergencies is not just about their right to learn; it provides the stability and structure they need to cope with daily trauma. It provides physical, psychosocial, and cognitive protection that can sustain and save lives.

A lot of out-of-school children are prone to get involved in violence, rape, recruited into fighting, and prostitution to name a few. Having a system or something to give them another view about their state, preserves young children, vulnerable to such activities, and keeps the community sane. 

Understanding the power education has in economy-boosting, reduction of poverty, and equality, NADEV has made it her point of focus to bring affordable education to the less privileged, internally displaced, and disabled to help society. 

NADEV is committed to ensuring uninterrupted education for all children impacted by humanitarian crises, with a particular focus on girls, children with disabilities, internally displaced children, refugees, and migrants

Nadev is focused on the right to education and creating safe learning environments for children, working collaboratively with national and global partners  Additionally, we assist Governments in their efforts to execute these initiatives.

With the help of our partners and sponsors, we organize vocational training, for internally displaced, and vulnerable, empowerment training for girls, and aid in the primary education of kids in the Northwest and South West of Cameroon. Carry out Learning through TaRL campaign for children.