Nkong widow’s piggery program started some 12 years ago. Its main goal is to alleviate poverty amongst vulnerable widows in rural communities. Statistically in the past 07 years, some 289 widows heading households averaging 8 persons have benefited from 23 villages in the SW Region and the Menoua Division in the West Region.
Beneficiaries are happy recipients of constructed backyard pig sty, two piglets (Sow and Boar), 6 months’ supply of animal feed and vaccines, coaching for one year. From the support, these widows are able to pay children school fees, renovate their houses and provide social basic needs, expansion of their pig farm.
Today, NADEV decided to answer the cry of many beneficiaries by integrating piggery with poultry which takes lesser time, very lucrative and for diversification purposes. The package support for one poultry widow starts with disinfection of the poultry house, lying of saw dust, providing feeders and drinkers, 200kg composed feed, 50 chicks of 21 days old and treatment for two months. When the chickens are ready they are sold and the process continues.