NADEV continues her fight against Covid-19 by sensitizing communities on improving their hygiene and safety practices while implementing prescribed anti -COVID measures. This was done through implementing four COVID-19 Response projects between April and December 2020.

Response activities included training of media practitioners on behavior change communication, mass sensitization on radio and local TV stations, posters, erecting of tippy taps, setting up of hand washing stations, distributing reusable face masks, hand sanitizers and soap. A children’s storybook “My Hero” was also adapted, printed and distributed in schools and communities.

These project activities were carried out in the municipalities of Buea, Tiko, Limbe 1, Limbe 2, Idenau, Mundemba, Nkongsamba 2eme & Melong.

Two councils (Limbe II and Tiko) as well as many communities were assisted to draw up local response plans and accompanied in their implementation.