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Since December 2019 NADEV has been implementing a project to increase access of the population to civil status documents (Birth certificates, Marriage certificates, and Death certificates) in six municipalities (Bonalea, Mbanga, Loum, Njombe – Penja, Nkongsamaba 2eme and Melong) of the Moungo Division. This project is supported by the European Union through its programme, PROCIVIS, Active Citizenship Strengthening Program in Cameroon. The project aims at:

  • Sensitising the project stakeholders, beneficiaries, and the local populations on the importance of civil status documents and the procedures to acquire them.
  • Accompanying vulnerable persons in the process of acquiring these important documents.

NADEV is using several approaches to raise awareness among the public and cause them to spontaneously go for the civil status documents so as to reduce cost and other inconveniences that delay can cause.

Community relays have been trained in all the municipalities, mass media campaigns carried out, council action plans elaborated and celebration of group marriages facilitated.

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