Education in emergency & protection

Infection Prevention & Control, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (IPC/WASH) are the foundation of quality health care and the cornerstone for universal health care and multiple health interventions like hand hygiene, environmental cleaning, disinfection, clean hospitals, etc  Every healthcare facility needs necessary and functional IPC/WASH services to provide essential and quality health services. The NADEV  team has made this their top priority in ensuring that communities engage in cleaning activities to keep their communities healthy. Many sensitization activities have been carried out by the NADEV team in communities that are prone to diseases like Cholera in the South West Regions. Partnering with medical facilities to give subsidized medical attention to indigence has helped communities to cub on diseases.  During the COVID era, there was a massive distribution of free hand sanitizers, buckets, and a lot more with awareness campaigns to help in the prevention of COVID-19.  Almost half the population of Cameroonians live without proper drinking water, clean toilets, and good health facilities, there is still a lot to do to help our communities and we can make a lot happen with you involved.

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