Food Security & Sustainable Lovelihood

In Cameroon, more than 40% of her 23.7 million people live below the poverty line, and human development indicators remain low. With poverty having a strong regional dimension concentrated in the Far North, North, Adamaoua, and East regions, the North and South West have toed the lines in recent years due to the ongoing armed conflict that hinders the agricultural and economic sectors of these regions.  Food insecurity, malnutrition, and hunger are persistent within the urban and rural areas of Cameroon. NADEV  in her quest to help the situation of the country, carries out various campaigns to help the affected people.  This is done through

  • Conducting need assessments and selecting of vulnerable populations, 
  • Training vulnerable families in sustainable livelihood opportunities such as poultry farming, mushroom farming, pig farming, aquaculture, and animal keeping and support with their related start-up materials.
  • Carrying out general food distribution in poor vulnerable communities hit by the crisis
  • Training and supporting families on small business and livelihood enterprise establishment. 
  • The promotion of organic and integrated farming
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