NADEV offers consultancy services to organisations/partners interested in our local expertise and project implementation experience. Examples of recent consulting projects include:

Village Development Planning (VDP)
Village development planning (VDP) was carried out in Lebialem Division in the South West Region
Local Development Planning (LODEP)
NADEV has conducted local development planning (LODEP) which involved municipal councils in Menji, Alou, Muyuka, and Ekondo-Titi. NADEV assisted these councils to source funding to draw up strategic development plans for their municipalities. It subsequently partnered with a consulting firm, Strategies! to facilitate the planning in the two municipalities.
National Employment Fund (NEF) Projects
NADEV assists the National Employment Fund (NEF) in micro-credit delivery. NADEV has organised and carried out training for over 50 potato farmers in Alou Sub Division and 43 yam farmers in Buea sub-division. This number of farmers also benefited from a loan of 5,140,802 CFA after the training from the loan scheme. Since 2002 NADEV has executed 5 projects under the PADER programme of the National Employment Fund.
Provincial Technical Group (PTG)
Working in collaboration with the Provincial Technical Group (PTG) of the National AIDS Control Committee, NADEV supported 10 communities in Meme and Ndian Divisions to form Local AIDS Control Committees (LACC) and prepare community action plans for the fight against HIV/AIDS. This has included training of local AIDS control committees, orientation workshops for NGOs in HIV/AIDS programmes in the South West Region, and training on community response to HIV/AIDS. The communities included Mbonge Road Up hill and Down hill, Bongongo, Big Nganjo/Nganjo Titi, Nkotto Barombi/Kotto Native, III Corner Marumba, Mbakwa Supe, Bekondo, Kurume Kokaka and Bole.