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On the 7th of June 2007, the Nkong Hill Top Common Initiatives Group (NCIG) lost one of her precious pioneer staff in the person of Ms Josephine Tita Leoga. 

In memory of her unwavering support to the growth of NCIG, the board of directors created a charity fund named after her ( Josephine Tita Memorial Funds) (JTMF). 

The main objectives of the funds are to provide support to the poor and encourage vocational support and vocational training for the underprivileged targeting mostly orphans, people living with disabilities, poor widows, and widowers. 

JTMF initially had the members of the NCIG as its official sponsors and donors. Its most recent assistance to humanity was a 500,000 CAD donation to a couple that delivered triplets in Lebialem under the supervision of Achelebo Dieudonne, the Secretary-General at the Ministry of Economy. 

Today you can be a part of the moving train and start to make the change you desire to see. The entire world is welcome to join the JTMF and let us put a smile on one face at a time.

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